A Castle Wedding Reception: The Enchanting Fairy-Tale Setting to Crown Your Love. A Dream Come True for Every Prince and Princess!

For an unforgettable reception, CastelBrando provides soon-to-be brides and grooms with a dedicated team, flawless service, and gourmet cuisine that will make your special day truly magical.

CastelBrando provides young couples with personalized guidance for crafting the perfect wedding reception, from meticulous mise en place details to enchanting floral arrangements. Our devoted staff is here to understand, inspire, and fulfill every wish of the soon-to-be newlyweds.

From selecting the finest confetti and sugared almonds to capturing those memorable moments through the lens of a skilled photographer, CastelBrando stands ready to oversee the complete organization of your castle wedding reception.

Our team works in close collaboration with carefully chosen external professionals, ensuring an outstanding level of service that will make your special day truly remarkable.

Celebrate your love in the timeless beauty of CastelBrando

Sansovino Theatre

Called the “Hall of Arms”, it is located in the sixteenth-century wing of the castle. Over the centuries it has hosted sumptuous banquets, dance parties and musical performances.

Sansovino Restaurant and Sala Gaia

Original stuccoes of the ‘700 and Venetian style decorations characterize the refined Sansovino Restaurant, ancient dining room of the reigning counts. With extension in the bright and romantic Sala Gaia.

Magno Theatre

A spacious and contemporary ballroom for the most glamorous occasions. Here, the allure of historic elegance converges seamlessly with cutting-edge technology, creating a perfect space to host music, joy, and boundless smiles.

Outdoor Terraces

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to savour the gardens, courtyards, and terraces, all of which offer a breathtaking view of the picturesque Prosecco hills.

After Party

After dinner, select the ideal setting to extend the celebration. You can continue the evening with an open bar, a delectable fruit buffet, mouthwatering desserts, and savory snacks.


Originally constructed in the 13th century and subsequently reconstructed in the 18th century, the San Martino Church is adorned with 22 exquisite frescoes by the renowned eighteenth-century painter, Egidio Dall’Oglio. This charming venue serves as a versatile space, hosting art exhibitions, civil weddings, concerts, and various cultural events.

In addition, Castelbrando has been designated as a Municipal House, offering the unique opportunity to legally register your marriage right within its historic walls. However, it’s essential to note that an ordinance issued by the Bishop of Vittorio Veneto restricts the formalization of the religious rite to the church of either the groom or the bride.

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