Museum areas and guided tours

Visiting the castle means to plunge in a fascinating 2000-year journey through time, which develops through different styles and ages.

The growth of the castle in fact follows the constant changes of history, changes to its architectural aspects and its purpose depending on the centuries and the rulers.

However, the traces of the prestigious past of CastelBrando remain intact, as do the thousand stories related to the castle.

Museum areas
History is everywhere in Castelbrando.. But within the complex, some places have been reserved to give guests a deeper immersion in the beauty of the past, including weapons and costumes…
Guided Tours of the Castle
The guided tours of the castle are real walks through time through the signs of different ages, which run along two thousand years of history: from Roman finds to medieval…
The history
The roots of CastelBrando date back 2000 years and represent an open page on the history of this territory and people, leaders and famous people, who made heroic deeds. Inhabited…

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