Museum areas

History is everywhere in Castelbrando..

But within the complex, some places have been reserved to give guests a deeper immersion in the beauty of the past, including weapons and costumes of the period…

CastelBrando in Arms

The archaeological area of CastelBrando marks the past and recent history of the castle. Here it is possible to discover the evolution of restoration works, admiring ancient weapons.

The museum is open all year.

For information and entrance tickets contact the hotel reception or guided tour office.

Power and Justice

Walking through the old prisons of the castle you can feel the atmosphere of a trial in the fiefdom of Valmareno at the end of the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth century.

An immersive experience that allows you to participate in the process, spy in the torture chamber and watch the execution of the accused.

The museum occupies three ancient barrel-vaulted cells, destined as prisons for many centuries; each cell is dedicated to a particular theme:

• The administration of justice
• Processes celebrated in the county
• Punishments

Open all year, according to the time of guided tour office.

The outfits of power

In the exhibition space of the sacristy of the church of San Martino some historical characters of great prestige are shown, such as the Emperor Claudius Augustus, who built the Via Claudia Augusta, the Doge Marin Falier, the Da Camino, Casanova and many others.

Through the shape of their clothes and the story of their life presented with multimedia effects, these characters recreate the events of the Veneto region, throughout an entire historical memory.

Open all year, according to the time of guided tour office.

The Roman Route Claudia Augusta

A historical-iconographic itinerary gives you in depth the history of the ancient Via Claudia Augusta, going through its layout and the economic and cultural ties that its making generated among the populations.

A military road built on the traces of more ancient paths, which for two thousand years have united the shores of the Adriatic with those of the Danube.

Entire populations, armies, merchants full of merchandise from the countries of the North or the Mediterranean, pilgrims and herds passed along and crossed each other, in a continuous coming and going across the Alps, from which the concept of Europe was born.

Open all year, according to the time of guided tour office.

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