CastelBrando Base Camp
CastelBrando Base Camp
CastelBrando Base Camp
CastelBrando Base Camp

Routes and Excursions

Base camp in CastelBrando

Choose CastelBrando as your Base Camp, to stay, to refresh yourself, for remise en forme in Princess Spa & Royal Wellness, your exclusive and personal SPA in an ancient Roman Thermae extended 2,000 m2

CastelBrando is your Royal Refuge: you can arrive by car taking the MTB or renting it in time. CastelBrando is the ideal starting point to explore the area with a wide range of daily excursions: to the north in the UNESCO Dolomites of Feltre, Belluno, Cadore, Cortina and Comelico; to the west in the Asolani hills, Possagno, the Massif of Grappa and Bassano, in the Small Dolomites between Vicenza, Verona, Trento and Lake Garda; towards Padua passing through Montello and Treviso; towards South to Venice passing through Treviso and the cycle-river routes of Sile and Piave; towards East in the Cansiglio Forest (Ancient Forest of the Doges of the Serenissima Republic of Venice)

Here you will find illustrated a series of daily routes to do in MTB ( preferably electric), many more will be added with the exclusive indication of places and stops by our experts..

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Molinetto della Croda e giro Laghi di Revine

Path to discover a characteristic corner of the Treviso region, the Molinetto della Croda. Back along the lakes of Revine along the Valsana. Suggested route for mountain bikes and e-bikes
4.00 h
41.2 km

Isola dei Morti e Fontane Bianche

Suggested route to reach the "Isola dei Morti", park in memory of the Great War until you reach the resurgences Fontane Bianche. Suitable for mountain bike and e-bike.
4.00 h
47.2 km

CastelBrando – Conegliano

Itinerary along the Prosecco road and the wines of the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene to reach the city of Conegliano. Bike route, suitable for both mountain bike and e-bike
6.00 h
56.5 km

CastelBrando – Zumelle

Starting from Castelbrando, take the road to Valmareno and the climb to Praderadego to reach the Castle of Zumelle. Return to Passo San Boldo on asphalt road. Challenging trail for mountain bikes and gravel bikes.
4.30 h
44.7 km

CastelBrando – Valdobbiadene

Route along the road of the Prosecco Hills, all paved. Also suitable for road bikes.
3.00 h
42.6 km

CastelBrando – Scalata alla Posa

Dirt road that climbs to the conquest of La Posa, bypassing the Treviso and Bellunesi Prealps. Descent into the Belluno side and then climb up to the San Boldo Pass, a historic pass forced during the Great War, 100-day road. Mountain...
4.00 h
39. 7 km

CastelBrando – Combai

Itinerary through the vineyards of Verdiso and Prosecco DOCG, passing through the chestnut groves of Combai IGP. Suitable for mountain bikes or e-bikes
3.00 h
20.4 km

CastelBrando – Collagù

Suggestive panoramic mountain bike tour in the hills of Prosecco to reach Collagù. Suitable for mountain bike and e-bike.
3.30 h
32.4 km

CastelBrando – Castelli di Collalto

Route that from CastelBrando takes us along the cycle path of the Soligo river, until you reach the castles of Collalto and San Salvatore. Suitable for mountain bikes and e-bikes.
3.30 h
50.1 km

The way of the walls

Starting from Valmareno, take the uphill dirt road that arrives at the castle. Easy route for trekking or for mountain bikers. You can continue by taking the Route of the Fairies, easy to access after the gate of the Gelateria Claudia Augusta....
0.15 min
1.8 km

Fairy Path

Starting from the gate adjacent to the Gelateria Claudia Augusta, located in the panoramic and highest part of CastelBrando, the ring path to reach the bombs, ancient artifacts of the Great War.  Along the way you will find many points...
2.0 km

CastelBrando – Vittorio Veneto

Suggestive route that winds through the hills of Prosecco and Valsana, between Cison di Valmarino and Vittorio Veneto. Suitable for e-bike and mountain bike.
3,5 h
39,2 km

CastelBrando – Murales di Tarzo

Starting from Castelbrando along the dirt road along Mura and Gai, you get to Molino di Fratta, fraction of Tarzo to take the Murales and continue around the lakes of Revine and then back. Route suitable for Mountain bike, E- bike...
2.00 h
23.7 km

Percorso nel Felettano

Path that crosses the hills of Prosecco, passing through the Molinetto della Croda, towards San Pietro di Feletto Route suitable for Mountain bike, E- bike Gravel bike.
4.00 h
40.5 km

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