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The Princess Spa boasts a comprehensive array of amenities, including a hydrojet pool with a counter-current swimming feature, Finnish saunas, Mediterranean saunas, and an Infrared Sensory sauna.

Our facilities also encompass a luxurious Roman bath, a Kneipp vascular path, a tranquil salt cave, four heated outdoor hydro-pools, chromo-aromatic showers, as well as inviting relaxation areas and the option for an intimate Private Spa experience.

Access to the Spa is open to external guests, and we recommend making a reservation in advance.

An oasis of complete relaxation spanning over 2000 square meters.

Heated swimming pool with water jets

Heated indoor swimming pool with counter-current swimming, embellished with a majestic mosaic.

With its various hydromassage stations that activate localised areas of the body, it allows a beneficial toning action of microcirculation.

Roman Bath

Steam heat opens the pores and promotes the body detoxification of the outer skin. It raises the body temperature above normal and stimulates the immune system. Hammam sessions help to relieve pain and relax muscle.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna generates major skin transpiration, has remarkable relaxing and detoxifying properties, helps expel toxins and acids from the body by sweating and makes skin more elastic. Also, it increases the immune defenses and the metabolism, encouraging circulation, reducing stress, rheumatic and muscle tensions and leads to a condition of profound well-being.

Mediterranean sauna

It is a “light” sauna, advisable for those who don’t tolerate the high temperatures of traditional saunas. A compromise between a dry Finnish sauna and steam baths, that is, the wet sauna.


Kneipp path

This path is divided into two separate tanks that contain hot and cold water. Walking slowly with several water jets at different temperatures has an invigorating charming effect.

Himalayan Grotto

Located within CastelBrando Princess Spa, the Himalayan Grotto is a serene retreat showcasing the remarkable properties of Himalayan pink salt. Imported directly from Nepal, these ancient crystals are renowned for their purity and rich mineral content.

As you relax within the grotto, the Himalayan pink salt creates a tranquil ambiance while releasing negative ions into the air. This natural phenomenon is believed to offer various health benefits, from improved respiratory health to stress reduction.

Enhanced by soft, ambient lighting, the Himalayan Grotto provides a unique and rejuvenating experience, marrying the elegance of CastelBrando Princess Spa with the therapeutic wisdom of the Himalayas. It’s a serene escape for your relaxation and well-being.

Relax area

After indulging in one of our rejuvenating rituals, you can unwind in one of our serene relaxation zones while savoring a soothing herbal tea.

Summer terrace

Outdoors, a sun terrace with two large hydrojet pools, positioned within the medieval crenellated walls, provides an opportunity for small groups to soak in the stunning valley views.


Private Spa

The Princess Spa provides a private spa within its facilities, thus offering the opportunity to enjoy wellness services in an exclusive environment. This space includes a sauna, a Turkish bath, a cozy heated water bed, and a whirlpool tub for a complete relaxation experience.

Botanical Garden

Nestled within the Princess Spa, you’ll discover an ancient botanical garden that overlooks the valley. Take a moment to pause and explore its lush grounds, delving into the rich tapestry of its history.

Crypt Hydro Relaxation

The hydro-massage pools within the historic crypts of Castelbrando’s Princess Spa offer a unique experience. Imagine immersing yourself in these relaxing waters while enjoying a breathtaking view of the majestic castle spires and the gentle hills of Prosecco. This blend of ancient and modern provides an extraordinary opportunity for relaxation and well-being, as your gaze wanders between historical details and the natural beauty of the surrounding hills.

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