Gilberto & Amelia

In 1847 the nineteenth-century writer Pietro Beltrame, fascinated by the manor, set the romantic story of Gilberto and Amelia within the mighty medieval walls of the castle of the village of Cison. Gilberto, a proud and generous knight, was madly in love with Amelia. This couple lived peacefully when one day Gilberto was recalled by faith to take part in one of the Crusades in the Holy Land.

Amelia accepted the separation with submission and sewed the red cross on her husband’s dress with her own hands. At the time of living as a token of love, Gilberto divided the necklace of his beloved into two parts and left.; Amelia would have keep her promise until the necklace be back.

The crusaders fought for a long time and Amelia waited for years for her husband to return but with the passing of time hope began to fade. During a hunt, a bear made her horse go wild, risking to make her fall, when she felt a strong hand taming the steed. It was Isoardo, a young lord of the nearby village of Mura.

One look and it was love at first sight. Yet they did not meet for a long time, until the news came from the Holy Land that Gilberto was lying on the battlefield mortally wounded. Shocked by it Amelia went out on horseback aimlessly and was joined by Isoardo who, by mistake, had received the will of Gilberto delivered by two crusaders.

Shortly after Isoardo and Amelia were married. On the day of the wedding a mysterious knight appeared with the visor lowered, who was asking for hospitality. He was invited to the table and there he began to tell the story of a necklace and a promise … Amelia suddenly understood and fainted. Gilberto threw the glove and the necklace on the table as a sign of defiance, blinded by jealousy and longing for revenge. In vain the two lovers tried to escape the fury of the knight.

The escape ended at the lake of Revine where the two lovers found death. Their bodies were no longer found; they still lie at the bottom of the lake.

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