Botanical Terrace (Sec.XVI)

The phytotherapeutic plants

The construction of this Secular Botanical Terrace, now restored in its original form, is dated between 1500 and 1600, probably under the influence of the Botanical Garden of Padua: the oldest in the world founded in 1545 and recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Discover the plants of the Botanical Terrace of Castelbrando, their characteristics and properties.

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The Phytotherapeutics plants

Plants can be considered the alchemists of nature, experts in the transformation of sunlight, water and earth into precious substances, a capacity that man can only partially imitate.

(from Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan)

Plants for the skin

Our skin is the expression of our organism, it shows our deepest conditions on the surface. Among the medicinal plants there are many that also take care of the skin with a bidirectional action: from the inside and from the outside.

Diuretic plants

If during the day you swell up almost to take an extra size the most likely thing is that you suffer from water retention. To avoid this problem you will help a moisturizing diet and with little salt and the help of diuretic plants that stimulate the functioning of the renal pathways. Water retention hinders the elimination of toxins and waste through urine, and in addition causes a feeling of swelling and rapid weight gain.

Anti-inflammatory plants

Natural anti-inflammatory drugs are herbs and medicinal plants that can intervene in the mechanisms and causes that cause inflammation of tissues, whether these bone tissues, blood vessels or epidermal tissues.

Plant for him

The “strong sex” is often subject to much stronger turbulence than desired and this unfortunately favors the onset of diseases of various entities: prostate disorders, burnout, cardiovascular diseases. It is therefore all the more comforting to know that there are natural remedies that can support the male body in the right way.

Plants for her

There are plants that for their properties or for their use are specific for the well-being of the woman: these are all those medicinal herbs that, since ancient times, were used for the disorders of the sphere
female genitalia.

Purifying plants

The main organs of purification are the liver, kidneys and intestines: to encourage their activity means that the process of elimination of waste substances takes place in the most effective way. There are many ways that we can adopt to make these organs work better. Some simply consist in taking some new, good habit.

Antioxidant plants

Phytotherapy helps us equip our body with weapons to fight free radicals: in fact, plants are rich in antioxidants. Why? Simply because antioxidants are used by plants to protect themselves from radiation

Immune system

Our immune system made up of cells, tissues and various organs and which has the great task of protecting us throughout our lives from a common or trivial cold, fever and mild diseases more or less serious caused by bacterial or viral infections, should be helped in its role as a defender of our body as well as with a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and also with the help of herbal teas, infusions, massages and flowers.

Digestive plants

Digestive problems can have different causes which are followed by various discomforts and symptoms, for which remedies based on medicinal plants have been prepared since ancient times to counter pain and other ailments.

Sedative plants

Fatigue, anxiety, irritability and insomnia are widespread and common disorders, almost always generated by frenetic rhythms of life and a common denominator, stress that can be alleviated thanks to the use of relaxing herbs.

Expectorant plants

The medicinal plants used in phytotherapy for coughing exert a mucolytic and decongestant action, to relieve irritation, dryness, and wear out the mucous membranes that cover bronchi and lungs

Poisonos plant

If one devotes oneself to the collection of spontaneous herbaceous plants, the probability of confusing the different species and collecting a dangerous plant is high. There are many toxic, dangerous or even deadly plants that you can meet just by looking at your own garden or taking a simple walk in the woods.

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